Erin is honored to receive endorsements from former city council members, community leaders, district residents, friends and more

Peggy Reeves endorses Erin Hottenstein for Fort Collins City Council District 4

Erin will be a great asset to the council and the city. She’s solid, grounded in the community, works well with others, and will contribute to the discussions on policy issues that are important to our community.

Peggy Reeves

Former State Senator

Alicia Johnson endorses Erin Hottenstein for Fort Collins City Council
Mrs. Hottenstein is highly qualified with a wide range of experience that demonstrates the knowledge and skills to become an integral part of city council. Alongside her qualifications, she has the time, availability, and dedication the office deserves. Mrs. Hottenstein is a strong advocate for small businesses and an advocate for affordable housing. She also has a strong sense of vision and purpose for the city.

Alicia Johnson

Evans City Council Member

Alice Madden endorses Erin Hottenstein for Fort Collins City Council District 4
I was impressed with Erin’s enthusiasm for helping women run for office, and her ability to organize events and bring people together. I have seen her tireless efforts via Colorado 50-50 to provide election information and encourage voter turnout. Erin is a convener, an innovator, and a true public servant. In my years as a Colorado legislator and House Majority Leader, I saw many candidates. Erin is highly qualified and I am happy to endorse her for the vacancy on the Fort Collins City Council. Perhaps most importantly, she will approach the job with humility and the understanding that it is truly a privilege to serve.
Alice Madden
Former Colorado House Representative, Former House Majority Leader
Stacy Suniga endorses Erin Hottenstein for Fort Collins City Council

I have known Erin since 2017, and in every one of those years, I have witnessed her passion for helping fellow citizens, and her remarkable leadership and unique ability to bring together communities of different backgrounds. Erin is in touch with the problems and issues that our communities face, and puts action to leadership to help resolve them.

Stacy Suniga

Recent Greeley City Council Member

Bev Schmitt and Bob Bacon

My wife and I support Erin because of the many ways she has demonstrated her leadership and her longtime dedication to making northern Colorado a better community.

Bob Bacon

Former State Senator

Marty Tharp

I have complete faith that Erin will be a thoughtful and trustworthy representative for us all.  She is a caring and helpful person who has our community’s best interests at heart. When you take her professional and volunteer expertise and add it to her specific personality, you have a winner.

Marty Tharp

Former City Council Member

Ben Manvel

I believe your best choice is Erin Hottenstein. She ranks first in relevant experience. She is detail oriented and logical, ready to consider alternatives to her own opinions, and

Diligent. I think she will be outstanding.

Ben Manvel

Former City Council Member

Erin has been such a strong part of our community. She is smart and clever, fair and just, capable and commendable. She is an asset to every group she works with.
Abigale Grace
District 4 Resident
Erin is the best choice because she is a proven leader, has experience covering city governments, she is bright, articulate, a good listener and does her homework. She knows when to listen and is a team player.
Brian Woodruff
District 4 Resident
I highly recommend Erin Hottenstein for FC City Council. From what I have observed, she educates herself, shares what she has learned, connects people, and is very level-headed. I know she would make a good Councilor.
Kathi Wright
Loveland City Council Member, Ward 2

She has excellent problem solving skills and importantly, is a critical thinker. She understands the need to obtain all the information needed, and to listen to all stakeholder voices before moving forward with potential solutions. Her experience with all levels of government through investigating stories, interviewing individuals and businesses, studying policies and their effects, has given her a wealth of knowledge to be a valuable member of city council. As a small business owner, she will bring an important perspective to council discussions. Her passion to address affordable housing, economic recovery from the pandemic and equity issues across the region demonstrate that she would take a holistic approach to solving any issue that may come before council.

Karen McCormick

DVM/Representative-Elect House District 11, Member of 50-50, Longmont, Colorado

Erin is committed to issues surrounding my fellow students at CSU as well as the students from Front Range Community College. She has provided many opportunities for college students to gain involvement in the political process through her organization. Erin has a strong commitment to the community of Fort Collins and its continued success.
Ellie Gerstner
CSU Student, Member of Colorado 50-50
Erin and her family have been our next door neighbors for 20 years. We have always had positive, warm, and comfortable interactions with Erin over the years. Whether it had to do with snow shoveling, Fall leaves pick up, arranging babysitting or dog sitting jobs, our discussions have always been friendly with Erin's "can do", willingness to help approach. In neighborhood social settings, conversations are interesting, informative and fun. We feel very confident that Erin would be an effective leader as a City Council member and represent our District 4 interests.
Paul and Susan Laybourn
District 4 Residents
Joe Hendrickson

As a trainer and coach in the area of leadership and managing change, Erin understands the importance of courage and responsibility in making difficult decisions. In my former role as a district central office administrator for the Poudre School District, I understand the challenges that City Council faces when dealing with issues that emotional to those impacted. Balancing the wishes of a variety of constituencies with doing the right thing can be difficult. I believe Erin is very capable of making those decisions by learning the facts, considering the alternatives, and understanding the potential impacts.

Joe Hendrickson

former president, Health District board of directors

Susmita Saha

Erin Hottenstein is a leader and role model for numerous women such as myself. She is the founder of Colorado 50-50 which is a non-profit dedicated to encouraging more women to run. I met her through the Colorado 50-50 Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) committee. The fact that she cares about the underrepresented group AAPI in a politically elected position speaks volume about her character. The character that she is open minded and willing to learn patiently. The character that is dedicated to her own community. And lastly, she is a leader that leads.

Susmita Suha

Colorado 50-50 Asian Americans Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Community Organizer

I've known Erin for 5 years and she is a talented, well informed, deliberative, and compassionate person. The city council would greatly benefit from her governance competency, clear communication style, efficiency, and active listening skills.
Libby Mojica
Fort Collins Resident
I’m supporting Erin Hottenstein for her leadership, community service, and experience. Erin is well versed at conducting official meetings before large crowds, listening to all sides, and explaining things clearly. She is passionate about local government, connected, has a responsive vision for Fort Collins, and would be a welcome addition to City Council.
Pastor, Foothills Unitarian Church
I have known Erin and worked with her in volunteer groups for 20 years and she is a caring, motivated person with great integrity.
Lisa Stroyan
Fort Collins Resident
I see her as an excellent listener to all points of view and think she would work hard to find consensus solutions that balance various needs. Her strong sense of ethics and her eagerness to jump in and get things done are qualities we very much need in dealing with the many challenges facing the city today.
Doug Simons
District 4 Resident
I’ve known Erin for over 15 years and have seen her in many leadership roles. She is a person you can count on and who will take her position very seriously
Sue Ferguson
Fort Collins Resident

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