Erin is honored to receive the following endorsements.
Joe Hendrickson

I am pleased to endorse Erin Hottenstein for a position on the Health District of Northern Colorado Board of Directors. Erin has a wealth of experience in covering governmental affairs as a journalist and understands what is necessary to make such organizations operate most effectively. She has demonstrated a commitment to educating the community about the Health District by volunteering as a member of the Compass editorial board. This District-wide publication is the primary tool for helping citizens understand the role of the District, as well as to provide meaningful information about healthy living and available resources. Erin has as a primary goal a focus on access to health care for all District residents. While the need has existed for a long time its relevance has been made more critical in light of the recent pandemic. I believe Erin will be a tremendous addition to the Health District Board.

Joe Hendrickson, former president, Health District board of directors

Peggy Reeves

Erin has already shown her commitment to raising awareness about the Health District. By reaching out to all areas, she will help more people to access the District’s services. With her previous experience on boards, I am confident she will make a great director.

Peggy Reeves, former state senator

Bev Schmitt and Bob Bacon

We support Erin because of the many ways she has demonstrated her leadership and her longtime dedication to making northern Colorado a better community.

Bob Bacon, former state senator
Bev Schmitt, political activist

Marty Tharp

I have complete faith that Erin will be a thoughtful and trustworthy representative for us all. She will work to keep our Health District transparent and provide us with the information we need to understand what it does. She is a caring and helpful person who has our community’s best interests at heart.

Marty Tharp, former city council member

Ben Manvel

I have known Erin for many years and admired her involvement and leadership in many important community organizations.  My hope is that her professional communication skills will help the District move to a new level of connection with the residents.  She is energetic, focused, and personable, and she has my enthusiastic support.

Ben Manvel, former city council member